The slopes of Mountain Drive reverberated with a variety of sounds...


KRCW-FM Santa Barbara - Call Sign Announcement (1964)

Jack Ash Society (1964)

Bill Neely Guest Hosts the Uncle Gill Show (April 21, 1964)

KRCW-FM News and Commentary with Bill Neely (April 21, 1964)

KZSB-AM 1290 Santa Barbara - Mountain Drive Memories on Community Alert (2022)


Renaissance by Collegium Musicum
Margaret Robinson (mezzo soprano, percussion)
Winifred Jaeger (lute, viols)
Mervin Lane (recorders)
Charles Orena (recorders, pommer)
Erich Katz (recorders, krummhorn)
Recorded on Mountain Drive, 1965
Lazell Records LR 31
Courtesy UCSB Music Library

Bluegrass by The Scragg Family
Kajsa "Ruby" Ohman (guitar, vocals)
Gene "Seth" McGeorge (fiddle)
Peter "Hanley" Feldmann (banjo)
Recorded at Bluebird Café, Santa Barbara, 1972

Harp by Joel Andrews
Recorded at KCTV Community TV, Santa Barbara, 1995

Bagpipes with the Walter B. Trueman 7Up Pipe Band

Walter B. Trueman 7Up Pipe Band

Dixieland Jazz with the Mission City Ramblers
(image pending)